Nul Points! Eurovision 2019 Lyrics Quiz built with React

Guess the nationality of the song from a small given snippet of the lyrics. Built with React.js

Front page of Eurovision app

In 2018 i made a Eurovision lyrics quiz app with React.js. I threw it together with some particularly hack-y use of Cheerio and Request.js to fetch the data and i pieced together the game in React.js. As you can see below the design was super basic.

The 2018 version of the game, altogether less pretty

As Eurovision 2019 rolled onto the horizon i thought i would make an updated version. Plus it's good to see, even in a relatively throwaway project such as this, how very far my coding has developed. I set a rule of not spending a long time on it. And yet i was able to create a vastly superior design.

Questions and options

This time around I included use of the Speech Synthesis API available in modern browsers to speak the lyrics back to the player.

Showing the correct answer and whether the user was correct

The web scraping took minutes rather than the hours it did last year. Every element of the code was improved with a full rewrite. It's a goofy project but i really like Eurovision and it's a nice excuse to have some creative coding fun.

Results page with the score out of 5